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I managed to win the SPRUKE 2019 Ukulele Parody Contest.  The prize was a very nice battery-powered acoustic amp which I subsequently sold and then donated the proceeds to prostate cancer research.  Guess why? 

At the 2019 Sunshine Coast Uke Festival, having some fun with the audience.  This is another great festival where smart programming means you don't have to miss anything.

GIRT BY C and Egyptian Ella

"LOOK WHAT THEY'VE DONE" cabaret, BUMS 2018.  Muggins is presenting Egyptian Ella

Give My Love to Rose is a song written by Johhny Cash.  It has just about everything you want in a C&W song: prison, impending death, the wife and boy he'll never see again!  It's easy to sing and play, and not to be taken seriously.  We did this at  a BUMS club night in 2017.

At the 2011 Australian Jazz Convention in Bundaberg, my rag-tag outfit called Ukulele Ladies performs a seriously disorganized version of Baby Won't You Please Come Home.  Just a bunch of mates having a bit of fun...

TROPULELE 2017, aka Sunshine Coast Ukulele Festival.  We're having a bit of fun with a revival-style song.

SPRUKE 2017.   I found some willing volunteers to help out with Sh-Boom!

Cottesloe (Perth) WA, December 2016, with the Perth Live Ukulele cafe Klub (PLUcK)  in their Christmas best.  I always think of them as the Blue Pluckers, really friendly people and a great repertoire.  I visited again in May 2018 - same comment.  Always a good idea to check with Coosje for time and location.  Email her.

UKULE FIESTA, aka Sunshine Coast Ukulele Festival 2018.  I'm especially proud of my wife Jennie and the hula she danced to My Little Grass Shack.  

Yours truly and the Coro Italiano (Italian Choir) at teh 2016 Sunshine Coast Ukulele festival

Coro Italiano (Italian Choir) assisting at the Sunshine Coast Ukulele Festival 2016

Basic Boogie at BUMS, 2016

Caxton St Jazz Band 40th Anniversary (2017)

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